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Gregorio Gutiérrez QuintanaMy name is Gregorio Gutiérrez Quintana, probably I'm more known as Goyo or Goio, or by other frequent aliases as Gyo, Goyum or Goierson.

I was born on July 17, 1965 in Bilbao and in Bilbao I'm still living.

My inclination has always been the creation in general, especially music, writing and painting. I've always been an "incombustible swot", which together with a great curiosity to know and an exasperating difficulty to choose, has provoked that my academic process is dilated as a sausage.
My musical qualifications are: Senior Teacher of Composition and Orchestration, Accompaniment Senior Teacher, Musical Pedagogy Senior Teacher and Piano Teacher.
I also have other qualifications as Bachelor in Fine arts, Teaching and Basque language Teacher.

Refering to my musical influences I can say that, when I remove the mountain of discs that bury my music player, I realize that there meet AC/DC with Debussy, Duke Ellington with Yes, or Return to Forever joins Antonio Vega and Police. I believe therefore that it would be fairer to say that the influences are diverse, but mostly coming from the rock in general and in particular the progressive, classical music and jazz. If I were to choose three pianists who have shocked me, they would be Keith Emerson, Chick Corea and Claude Debussy.

These are my current activities: Teacher of piano / keyboards and harmony at the Bilbao City School of Music "Bilbomusika", recordings, live music (rock, jazz and classical), composition and arrangements.

I've been in musical groups like "El Consorcio", "El Otro Lado," "Teddy Baxter", etc...
Talking about record companies I am single and without desire of engagement.

To learn more about me you can read the story of my life, posted on my Blog.

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